Holidays are great aren't they?

The freedom, release of tension - fun/excitement/new experiences etc etc. Yes I'm sure we all agree that holidays are fantastic. I am packing today. Usually I don't really like packing but in this case I will make an exception. Six days in the tasmanian wilderness should be worth an hour or so of my time. The thing is, most of this luggage is stuff that I won't ever wear (living in a sub-tropical zone as I do) again. As I pick items to take I get to imagine what I'll be doing when I'm wearing them - standing on a mountain top overlooking epic vistas blah blah get the picture.

The part that I'm really not looking foward to is the unpacking. This is usually the worst part of any trip anyway as all you want to do is sit down and relax. Compounding my problem is the fact that I don't have to unpack them at all. Their just not going to be worn in my daily life. I think the best case scenario is me fishing out my socks and throwing the rest in the cupboard. More likely though I will just kick the whole lot under the bed where it will probably gather dust until the end of time...Jeez i"m rambling...

Well That'll do - if anyone wants a postcard from this lost paradise drop me a /msg (i know there are collecters out there).