My eyes flicker open and as the light streams in I am greeted by my welcome screen. I am aware of my girlfriend sleeping next to me (other users) and I recall the tasks I must perform today (current quests).

While I am showering and preparing for the day my brain goes through the highlights of the previous day (cream of the cool) and also any new events to look foward to (everything new nodes). Eventually I will myself to get up and go to work.

My job is my quest today - as it is 5 days out of 7, but while I concentrate my main efforts to this task my mind wanders and drifts through the database of my memory. Whether I attempt to recall something in particular (search box) or the memories are conjured up by other thoughts my mind is always active, sifting through the information it has collected up to this point.

Of course this isn't the only activity my brain performs - I am also constantly learning from my own experience and from the experiences of others (noders). Some things that I learn I pass on to them too so that we may learn from each other.

Lunchtime. Free from the systematic work routine for an hour my mind is free to wander off in whichever direction it chooses. It may now delve into the more esoteric regions of my neural network. Some of the stimulus for this thinking may come from humour (the humourous writings of e2), memories (daylogs) or some other external source (Slashdot anyone ?).

The mental links in these areas are often obscure and have little or nothing to do with my last thought (example) but are the very thoughts which are the soul of my personality.

Back to the bump and grind of a regular workday. At this time I am more likely to create original concepts on my own (noding). Once again my current quest (work) is still my main focus.

Work is over for another day and I'm home.It's time to relax. My main activities will be those which require the least thought (Page of cool perhaps) until it's time to shutdown.

Time to switch off.