I've talked about carparks (and associated problems) before in my daylogs - you'd think that once would be enough for such a bland sounding subject but Ha! I have another story (also true) which took place just hours ago...

One of my collegues in tech support is affectionately known as Santa. He is named as such because he has a white beard and the beginings of a gut. At a guess I would put him in his mid to late 50s. Earlier today he had driven home for lunch as normal and was returning to work as the story begins (notice how I switch to present tense - it's genius, absolute genius).

Santa is minding his own business driving down the main street back to work, "dum de dum de dum".
A red car is behind him as he indicates and slows to enter a center park.

The driver of the red car is in a bad mood* and gets quite irate.
He watches Santa slow almost to a standstill to swing into a carpark, his rage festers.

Santa completes his parking maneuvre and gets out of his car to find that the red car has stopped (in the middle of the road).
"What's the problem mate?"

Without a word, the driver steps out of his red car, walks up to Santa and punches him repeatedly in the face, causing his reading glasses to smash and cut his face in several places.
"Stupid old bastard..."

(At this point I come back to the here and now)

The guy then got back in his car and took off. Only one person claimed to have seen what happened but didn't get the rego number of the car in question. Santa made the trip across the street and up to the office where he calmly informed the office manager that he had just been smashed. He was driven to hospital and his glasses are currently being repaired. I wondered if perhaps Santa's indicators don't work properly but didn't ask as everyone was still in that "ooh, if I'd been there that guy would be dead" mentality and I didn't want to appear to be placing blame elsewhere...

Road Rage