I, like many of you, work in an office. I sit at my computer for hours a day pounding away at the keys and staring into the void. It's called a job and it's what I'm supposed to be doing right now. It can wait. There is something inside me screaming - demanding that it be let out. This rage is born of months of frustration and anger, and its all directed at one particular collegue of mine - lets call him 'skeletor' - he looks a bit like this:

(sorry - there used to be some ascii 'art' here but although fairly accurate it was far to wide for the page...if anyone is interested (unlikely) /msg me for a copy)

Now, I wish I could tell you that my anger was justified - that this guy had done something really awful and therefore deserved my wrath, but I can't. He hasn't even said anything to me. Sure his standard of work is quite low and he is an alround jerk but its not that either... Oh no, the thing that really fires me up is that he has this thing, I'm not sure if you'd call it an impediment, that he does everytime he speaks to anyone. What could possibly so annoying? here's an example:

"In itself what version are you using?"
"Ahh well in itself version 2.74 had that feature disabled."
"Well In itself that will be fixed in the patch..." etc

(Please note that the phrase in question isn't even used in the correct context or place...this is an accurate simlulation of a real life conversation)

This might seem harmless enough but you can see that this occurs frequently, basically every sentence. He seems oblivious to the fact that he does it and no one has bothered to tell him (to save him the embarrasment of having this pointed out of course). More recently he has picked up the phrases "chances are" and "by all means" and thrown them into the mix. Try to imagine a sentence in which all three are used - hard isn't it? EACH SENTENCE, EVERY DAMNED ONE. I can hear him doing it right now...oh well - at least I'm better off than the poor shmuck on the other end of the line...

Wow! I actually feel better now...thanks E2 for letting me vent my frustrations without resorting to gratuitous violence.
I can now breath deeply and go on about my work as normal. Vote this downby all means - this isn't really a problem in itself,
but chances are I won't like it very much.

/me frags skeletor with his own stupidity