Formula Vee is an introductory class of open wheel motor racing designed to provide the thrills of racing at a budget cost. Because only limited modifications are allowed the emphasis is on driver skill rather than "Who can pour the most cash into their car"

The concept of Formula Vee began in 1960 when an American Volkswagon dealer thought it would be a good promo idea. Racing began in 1963 and by 1966 it was the most popular (in terms of numbers competing) class of racing in America. The class is now raced in many countries including Australia and several in Europe.

Perhaps the main reason for the popularity of Formula Vee is the relatively low cost of racing. A brand new race prepared car costs about $20,000AUD and a mid-running second hand example can be had for as low as $6500AUD. The second hand cars also tend to remain competitive for many years with the right maintenance. The basic components of the car are:

Engine: Standard 1200cc Volkswagon. The only mods allowed are porting/polishing of the cylinder heads and balancing of components. With these mods the engine produces about 50hp.
Gearbox: Volkswagon 1200, 1300 or 1500 standard 'box mounted 180 degrees rotated for better weight distribution.
Suspension: Any. The rules state that standard Axle tubes, backing plates and drums must be used.
Wheels/Tyres: Standard wheels or any other mags, as long as they are 5.5 inches wide. Tyres are made by Bridgestone using race compound rubber.
The minimum weight of the car is 460kg including the driver and the top speed is around the 210kph mark (depending on the chosen gearbox).

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Transitional Man points out that in the USA Formula Vee regulations allow a choice of tyres including full slick rubber. Cars range from $4500 - $10,000 US Dollars.