Universally regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport, F1 attracts the best drivers and big money (we're talking billions of dollars here). It is also the most popular (in terms of total viewers) form of racing in the world.

Team/Driver list for 2003:

  • Ferrari: Michael Schumacher & Rubens Barrichelo
  • Williams: Juan Pablo Montoya & Ralf schumacher
  • McLaren: David Coulthard & Kimi-Matias Raikkonen
  • Renault: Jamo Trulli & Fernando Alonso
  • Sauber: Nick Heidfeld & Heinz-Harald Frentzen
  • Jordan: Gianocarlo Fischella & Ralf Firman
  • Jaguar: Mark Webber & Antonio Pizzonia
  • BAR: Jaques Villeneuve & Janson Button
  • Minardi: Justin Wilson & Jos Verstappen
  • Toyota: Oliver Panis & Cristiano da Matta
Update: As of August this year Justin Wilson will be driving for Jaguar and former F3000 driver Nicolas Kiesa for Minardi.

Formula 1 events/Tracks:

F1 lost a lot of interest with viewers last year due largely to the dominance of Ferrari. This year has proven to be much more closely contested with 7 different drivers having won after 12 rounds. There is talk (possibly rumour) that F1 Management are looking for new ways of "spicing things up". The most interesting of these is the possibility of evening races at several of the events (coincidently this would also increase TV ratings throughout Europe). Next year will also see the introduction of events in China, Bahrain and a return to the Spa circuit in Hungary. It is also rumoured that an investigation has been launched into what made the British GP "so good" in 2003...(apart from the guy sprinting down the track brandishing a religious marquee, narrowly avoiding death at the hands of a 200mph racecar).

Source: www.f1.com (Official Website)

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