Have you ever arrived home from work or school so exhausted that you can't be bothered to cook, yet so hungry that you need to eat?

They may taste like plastic (or rubber, depending on your point of view) and be about as nutritional as a Big Mac but sometimes there's nothing to compare with the ease of throwing some bread under the grill and melting that Kraft Single. Man, you don't even need a knife!

Nobody quite beats Kraft for its cheese slices. Other brands may be cheaper but I'm finding out to my horror that this is for a reason - when the plastic wrapper rips and the cheese falls apart in your hands and you know what you should have bought...

Kraft Singles is one of those products that defies all logic. Why would anyone buy such a processed, orangy piece of dangly goo? Some may say that Kraft are not making anything vaguely like cheese. Kraft singles, however, fit in a food genre of their own - along with Pot Noodles and Corned Beef. These are not food substitutes but food alternatives. Perhaps this very nicely sums up the rat race society we live in?