True story.

The Methodist Church defines itself through systematic rituals which it follows regularly over the course of a month, a year, or several-year cycle. Communion, reserved for special occasions in some sects of Christianity, is a once-a-month addition to the Sunday service for Methodists.

One April, when the Communion Sunday fell during Passover, my Pastor planned an adaptation of the "traditional" Communion service to educate the congregation on the religion of others. She replaced the host (typically a loaf of bread in Protestant churches) with matzoh.

As most who observe the traditions of Passover know, matzoh is a hard, brittle substance. As most who observe the traditions of Communion know, a significant element of the procedure is the breaking of the bread.

The two did not mix well.

"This is Christ's body, given for you." CRACK!

"This is Christ's body, given for you." POP.. crackle.. CRACK!

And on went the Communion as always, with shards and crumbs of matzoh landing all over the altar.

At the end of the morning service, when the congregation had left, the Pastor mulled over the mess that had been made. With no other feasible solution, she bit her lip and -- in her own words -- "Vacuumed up all the little pieces of Jesus."