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BIG NOTE: This info is out of date. If I ever start actively noding again I'll update it.

Hey there! I'm a college student at the University of Massachusetts (computer science major), born and raised in western Mass, who can most aptly be summed up by the word 'geek'. My interests range from all things computer-related, to sci-fi and fantasy, various musical genres, reading and writing, graffiti, skateboarding, trains/mass transit, New York City, Japanese culture, and various and sundry other subjects as well.

I'm rather dismayed by the current state of things in the world, and certainly the U.S., and have a healthy dislike of our so-called president, George 'Dubya' Bush (not to mention the rest of his administration). While I am sure most people would consider me a liberal (pro-choice, somewhat pro-gun-control, agnostic, etc) I generally find that I can see both sides of most issues, and I always try to give people their due. (If you're thinking this is at odds with my earlier statement re: Bush, well, there really *isn't* anything good to say about him, and I really mean that :P)

And finally, I am blessed with a beyond-wonderful girlfriend (though the term does not do our relationship justice) of two years as of this writing, who has shown me that the concepts of true love and true friendship are most definitely not only found in fairytales.