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mission drive within everything
Mission, uhh, am I supposed to actually have a mission. My life tends to be missionless, which allows me the ability to dodge things gracefully as they come hurling towards me.
Music-Vocal Performance
NorthPark University, formerly of DePaul University, and The Chicago Academy for the Arts
Today has never happened, and does not frighten me.
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Well, let's see. I am currently pursuing a degree in vocal performance at a Christian University. However, I am not Christian so I find myself in a position of having to defend my beliefs quite a bit. Which, although it becomes annoying every now and then, it also keeps me on my toes and has solidified things for me. Now you may be wondering why I would chose then to go to a Christian school. One word...MONEY! They provided me a lovely package that allows me to go to school for practically nothing, literally and also to walk out with very few loans to pay back.
I love Opera and desire to be an opera singer. I will most likely end up becoming a Wagnarian soprano. My life will be filled with breast plates and horns. Not quite the normal business atire if you ask me.