A pinball game manufactured by Williams Electronics (www.wms.com) which features two gophers named Bud and Buzz who exist to do nothing else other than mess up your game of golf. Thus, the object of this pinball game is to attack the two gophers as often as possible, while trying to finish holes of golf. What makes this game so great, in my opinion, is the fact that the gophers will actually taunt you with phrases such as "What kind of shot was THAT?", "Get off my lawn!", and "Hole in one! Oops, wrong hole!" when you drain the ball. By executing a series of shots, you're able to attack the gophers with modern weapons such as a rocket launcher mounted to the back of your golf cart, and TNT. In a special mode known as Gopher Attack, both gophers will taunt you by saying "Chicken!" and "Over here, chicken!" repeatedly until you hit them. It's great.

Jon Hey is featured as the voice for Bud, the gopher with a less than average IQ, while Vince Pontarelli stars as the sarcastic Buzz. The game was designed by Pat Lawlor, and released in 1998. The current ROM version, as of this writing, for No Good Gofers is 1.3

You can email the designer team of No Good Gofers directly at gofers@wms.com, or find more information at http://www.pinball.com/games/gofers/. It's a shame that the only 'Gofers' machine around, in Playdium Burnaby (as far as I know) is in the need of serious repair. It's a real blast otherwise, though.