These are the virtues from the Ultima series of games which are based off of the cardinal virtues (truth, love, and courage) and consultation with various different religions. Normally, (in Ultima) you're asked a series of questions which relate to hypothetical events. Each question has two answers, which weigh your virtue preferences differently. This repeats until a dominant virtue emerges. You would then be given a character class which most closely matches your dominant virtue, and set out to become the Avatar, master of all eight virtues.

  • Honesty: (truth) Mage
  • Compassion: (love) Bard
  • Valor: (courage) Fighter
  • Justice: (truth, love) Druid
  • Honor: (truth, courage) Paladin
  • Sacrifice: (love, courage) Tinker
  • Spirituality: (truth, love, courage) Ranger
  • Humility: (none) Shepherd