(Ff you live in an area where Cumberland Farms does
not exist, please substitute "God Damn Convenience Store"
for "Cumberland Farms." Thank you for your patience.)

Tomorrow I will go down to the god damn
Cumberland Farms, a block and god damn half away
from my god damn roach infested apartment, and
apply for a god damn job.

There's nothing new or exciting about this for me.
A - I've worked in a Cumberland Farms before.
B - I'm in it for the money, not the life changing
that Cumberland Farms has to offer.

Please, next time you are in a Cumberland Farms,
look at the plethera of items the
Look at the items that surround your skull.

Nicotine products, high calorie sustenance,
caffenated beverages, all designed to entice...
to drag you in...
while I worked at Cumberland Farms a few years ago
I sit back there and watch as people flipped through
coupon books set strategically around the store
designed to make people believe they're saving money.

After seven hours of sitting on a stool one tends to
grow a little cynical.

Listen to the words of Lenny Bruce and pretend
the world is perfect:
"Do you know that there are guys in jail for doing it
with chickens?"