Woke up and went to school where I totally bombed a test. Went and sat with a friend, Kathy, and talked for a while. Another friend, Cindy, came and they wanted me to skip my class, and being the pawn that I am I decided to. But first I had to ask a friend, Rey, if he was going to take me to the Creed concert later that night. He was sitting with another friend of mine, X, clearpebbles (whom redboot, Rey, has written a node about). He gave me a vague answer and I just left.

My friends and I decided to go and eat at the school cafeteria because I was hungry. I told them I was paying and they gave a weird look but did order food. The total came out to $6.66. I made up a whole story on how if that happened it meant that one of us is the devil or is a devil and the cashier man just laughed. We sat down and talked some more about many things like a birthday party that I was invited to. We left and I went back to the class that I skipped to learn it had already ended. I went and sat down in front of my next class and talked to some people who were also waiting.

Class was actually fun today because my english friend Matt and I talked throughout most of it. After class I went home to where I got online and resumed my download of the ISO of Redhat v6.2. My 56K modem with a connection of about 2.6K to my ISP is terrible and the download is 640.76MB, so the download is going to take a LONG time.

I instant message Rey when he comes back online and he decides to "allow" me to go with him. He said that he'll come around 4-5 to pick me up because he and X were going to do something before. So I wait until 5 and they come and left me out of something that they both know I know about.

On the drive to the Creed concert I played with a stuffed Gizmo and Cow and had them hump Rey's arm as he was driving. We got there and waited in line in the cold to get in. The line starts to move and I had to be frisked by cops, I couldn't decide which line to go into and two cops were telling me to get into their line but I could only choose one, so I did. I was frisked and Rey and I waited on X to get frisked by the girl cop. We ran somewhat to get a good spot.

Concert started and I lost Rey and X in the crowd and was alone for the rest of the show where there were groppers touching me and people pushing in to me. There was pot smoke and cigarette smoke in my face. Finger 11 played first and finished, then Days Of The New came on and played a cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall II" which I sang to. Then Creed came on and people started pushing more and more. I was in the front about two feet away from the lead singer the whole time. After a while I got tired of looking at him so I just stared at the guitarist for a while. Concert ended and I had to find my ride.

I looked around for a long time and thought that I wasn't going to find them. I walked to the parking lot where I had no idea where to even start looking for Rey's car. I decided to walk back to the concert grounds and on my way there I found them. We then looked for the car and X found it first. We waited in the car for the traffic to die down, since there were about 15,000 people at the concert. Rey decided to turn on the radio instead of turning on the car and we had to find a person that would jump us because his car would not start. So some people helped and we took off to a store where the car turned off. Rey and I went to the back to push it and had to wait 2 minutes for the light to turn green again. People gave us weird looks, the light turned green and we pushed while X steered the car into the store. We bought some drinks and were cold waiting outside as Rey called to people to see if they could help. Rey could not find anyone so we asked a guy there who gave us a jump and we started leaving.

Upon getting out of the store onto the street his car turns off again! So we push it back and X gets ahold of her mom who is going to come. We go back into the store and I bought some Lucas. X wanted some so I decided to squeeze the top off and in doing so the Lucas sprayed out onto the floor, the table, and Rey's eyes! He washed it off in the bathroom and X's mother came. I got a ride from them and got into my house, which ended up being about 1:15 in the morning.