Got up in the morning from a strange but lovely dream. I wrote about it immediately afterwards so that I didn't forget and my cat was crying for me to pay attention to her which made it harder. Then a friend of mine came online and we talked for a while and she got me mad, which I do very rarely, she didn't seem to care though. :( Which ended up getting me sad.
Then I played with my Virgin for a while and then decided to watch a movie. I watched the first half of The Green Mile and got bored with the whole concept that I was not noding or thinking about noding. So I came back online and decided to get on iRC where I have some trouble getting on but my lovely and sexy mentor helped me. :) I LOVE YOU!! While on iRC I noticed that my computer was trying to send people something. To demostrate, this was one of the messages: "DCC Send of MyPicture.bmp.vbs to Byzantine timed out..." I curse and said, "What the." The people explained that I needed a virus protector and I said, "Uhh....I think I have one." I found it and updated the software and it is still trying to exterminate the darn sucker as I type. :)
My sister then decides to come home and said that she wanted Hamburger Helper so we left to HEB to buy some. On the way we talked about Ralph Nader, who ran for President of the United States this election. She wanted him to be President because he would "legalize marijuana" snd said, "If everyone smoked pot then we would all live in peace." I bursted her tiny bubble but of course she was kidding. We talked about the Army and how if people did smoke pot then they wouldn't join the Army because they would be lazy, our economy would fall, if the Army smoked then we would lose at war, and many other things. See this all came off the top of my head.
At H.E.B. (a grocery store) we looked around for what we were going to buy and I realized that I forgot the money!! My sister luckily had some change and we chose a box of Macaroni Beef. Then she wanted chips so we decided on two types, Sour Cream n Onion and Pizzalicious Pringles. She asked me which I would rather prefer and being the indesicive person I am we settled it by a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors where I had paper and she had scissors. On the way home we heard some "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child.
Home now I came back on-line and talked with some people for a while and my sister made the Hamburger Helper and we decided to watch Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and I laughed so hard that I am running and screaming from the tv!! Then I came back on-line to write this node. :)

UPDATE: found out my computer had, as I type this, 10 viruses!! Isn't that so cool? :)