In the morning I had a Spanish class where I had to get up in front of the whole class and explain my class schedule in well Spanish. I felt so foolish that I did not know that Astronomy was astronomia but I did alright. I never liked people staring at me, it makes me feel as though I have something on me that they are secretly laughing about in their heads. After that I was confronted by a classmate who asked if I knew his roommate Matt and I said, "Yeah, I have him for Astronomy."

Turns out that Matt was telling stories about our happenings and Kareem (the other guys name) figured out it was me and they laughed for a bit more. I went and sat down with my friend Kathy and we talked about ghosts and our experiences. Theen I had a boring class, Music Appreciation, and not classical music but Mexican music!! Ack!! Yuck!! :) I don't mind it too much now, I've learned to appreciate it. Then I had stupid Astronomy where Matt and I talked about this girl in the back that he gave a 9 out of 10 as opposed to my 4. He was shocked and thought I was out of my mind but I showed him the error of his ways. We ended up laughing while the teacher was giving notes and were almost kicked out!! Then I came home and did nothing