Yesterday my car wouldn't start at South Padre Island, about an hour and some odd mintues away from my house. Had to call my parents to help me, grr. My parents and I went to fix it at around 10pm, it was my parents, my grandma, and I. Don't ask why my grandma went, she wanted to. We didn't get it up and running at the island until it was midnight. I drove home with my grandma, we talked about many things, I love her, she's funny. Got home and went to my room to get on the internet. My browser randomly spurts out 666 and a lot of 8's in the start button. Then my font is all messed up and randomly changes which letter it does not have with a lovely box (Windows users may know what I'm talking about). My virus scanner can't figure out whats wrong, stupid Norton. I decided to reformat, besides, I hadn't defragged in a while because it said I needed to run Scan Disk. And when I ran scan disk and ctl-alt-del everything BUT Scan Disk, it still said something was writing to the drive and restarting. GRR!! Didn't have the disk to fix it, had to wait until I woke up, so I went to sleep.

Got up and went to look for the disks, reformatted but had to go say goodbye to a dear friend. Since my car was broken I called a friend of mine who is more like a brother, Abe. He took me and went to a friend of ours, I was sad that she was leaving, and as I said goodbye when Abe came back I cried. Real tears came running down my cheek, I know I'll still talk to her and stuff but she's moving and we got along so well. Abe and I went back to our friends house. My friend saw my shoe which has a reference to my old girlfriend, "I'm in love with Ruby, (a heart) RJ" and she got really mad, she said, "What the hell! I'm in love with who? No, don't talk to me." Normally I would have seen this as a joke but I saw the look on her face and she didn't look like she was kidding. I've known this girl since 5th grade and maybe she has feelings for me. She made some other kind of comments on things that hinted that she liked me but I don't know, I really see her more as a friend, and besides, I do like this other girl a lot. I saw Toy Story 2 and Gladiator for the first time. Then we saw Fight Club, my friend and her sister made Abe and I food, spaghetti and a chocolate cake, the only problem was that Abe and I had to go and get all the materials we needed. And we made about 4 seperate trips. After we left Abe and I just drove around talkling, it was a lot of fun, I hadn't talked to him in quite a while. We had nothing to do in the whole driving experience though we looked for something to do, so we went old school. We bought pizza and rented movies: Loser and Road Trip. We stayed up until 4 and went to sleep. In the morning, he left.