Sister: What do you want to be called? Uncle R.J., Tio R.J., Uncle Memiro?
Me (confused): What are you talking about?
Sister: Come on, what do you want to be called?
Me (understanding full well): You better not be kidding, you don't joke around with that stuff. Are you kidding?
Sister: I'm not.
Me: Uncle R.J.

Dropped the bomb she did, apparently my parents don't know yet. This is not the first time this has happened, earlier last year she was pregnant. I was happy to have a new nephew or niece, sadly she suffered a miscarraige, which meant the baby died.

I came home after spending a lot of days at my grandmas, I wasn't even home for 2 minutes before my dad was yelling at me. I really need to get out of here. I had just bought 2 Jumbo Jacks, I gave him one. I ate in silence and went into my room to get on the computer. Talked to anemotis, she's silly. Tried to sleep but couldn't: it feels like these tiny little bugs are biting my skin and when I look, there's nothing there.