Girl (to me): Why are you even talking? No one's even listening to you.

Went to Mexico today with some so called "friends". It was our old guitarist Zeff, his girlfriend Mindy, my cousin Rolie, my friend Dayton, and myself. We went to hang out and have fun, I didn't have much. Mindy said that to me, I was fine until she said it. I have never been one who was ever taken seriously, I didn't even know this girl enough for her to even mouth the words to me. I can take shit from people I somewhat know, but I did not know this girl. I kept my mouth shut the rest of the night. Some of them drank, I didn't. I don't drink, I hate beer. What made it worse was when Zeff was trying to get me happy again.

Zeff: Come on R.J. Whats better? Being happy or sad?
Me: Sad.
Zeff: Well then fuck off.

Fuck this, I have too much shit in my head to be listening to this, I drove Dayton, therefore I lost Zeff, Mindy, and Rolie driving back from Mexico. I didn't need to put up with that shit anymore, I didn't enjoy my stay and I will never go back to Mexico in that manner, never.