Today I saw her...

I got up at 6:30 am to go to school early and be on the internet. As my alarm clock rang I debated on whether or not to actually go. I went.

I got to school and went into the computer lab. I logged onto e2 and started talking with fellow everythingians. An asian woman started talking in front of the class, she had a cute accent.

Later a girl came and sat about 2 computers away from me. She gets up and closes both doors of the room and sits back down. From the corner of my eye I can see her looking at what I'm doing on my screen. This pissed me off. I turned to her and she asked, "Are you the computer tech?" And I said, "No" and she said, "Then what are you doing here? This is a class." I got extremely pissed off now and told everyone in the chatterbox at the time about it. I wanted to beat the shit out of this girl but no, little me, "Mr. Push Over" says, "Oh, I'm sorry," and walks out.

Mat pissed me off a bit later, I guess I was just in a pissy mood this morning. I went to class and sat and almost fell asleep to the lecture. After that class I had a test and I wasn't ready for it, but I took it anyway....and more than likely failed it.

I got out early and called some friends from the library and basically told them that I wasn't going to be meeting them for lunch. I started walking to my car.

On my way there I see a familiar face on a bench: my ex girlfriend. She sees me and gets up and is all, "RJ!" and gives me a hug. I must admit that my heart started pumping faster. She gave me her seat on the bench, whom she had just named "Frank," and talked. I didn't say much at all, its not that I didn't want to talk, I just was shocked and didn't expect to see her at all. Later on I see doof coming and I think, "Fuck." He comes and talks to her and sits down on the floor. My ex goes off to get some water and I just got up and started walking to my car. I said goodbye to my ex later.

I got to work around forty minutes ago and am logged onto e2 right now. *giggle* I want to go home but I know I'll be here for a while.