After school I went to my house, which ended up being an apartment. I was living with 4 girls and I had a King Size bunk bed on top. I saw someone come in, who turned out to be Jessica, a girl from church. As she got nearer to where I was I jumped off the bed and clung to some drapes and I swung towards her screaming at the top of my lungs, "AH!!" She was more than scared and punched me on the arm. I laughed and eventually so did she. We decided to watch a movie and we put one on and she engulfed me in her arms. All I could think was, "Ummm." I didn't want to be rude and just move so I stayed there.

Then I am in a car following some friends of mine. We are both driving completely recklessly. I turned the car off on a frontage road on the slow driving lane. I saw my friends get off and they were doing something that I can't remember. A cop passed by on the expressway and sees me, someone behind me says, "Pull off onto the shoulder." So I did but yet the cop came towards me going the wrong way on the frontage. He u-turned behind my car on the shoulder. I got off to go talk to him with my Driver's License and he told me, "Wait there." There being right next to his car. We talked for a bit and he was laughing, I don't really remember everything that was going on, but obviously he left because the next thing I remember was following my friend again.

My friend turned down a super narrow alley and so I had to be careful in my driving, I made it out though. We ended up stopping in an urban area. Night rose as we were talking when I smelled something in the distance, pot. I told them and they said they smelled it now too. We turned our heads around looking for someone who was smoking but there was none. I saw the pot on the porch arm of a house about 40 feet away. I asked, "How lovely is the smell and taste of asian pot?" My friends were all, "GREAT!!" I told them where it was and we started talking to some woman cop about whether or not it would be good to take some pot away from some people. She smiled knowing what we were talking about and said, "Very good."

I got in my car and circled the block, wondering what the people in the pot house were doing. I got stuck behind some car who looked like it was buying drugs, after about a minute the guy who looked like he was selling said, "We should stop now, cops are near." So the buying car moved and I got in front of the pot holder's house. I saw that the family was eating together. I went to where my friends were, got out, and told them. I looked inside and saw that they were still together eating. My friend Joe jumped the fence making a lot of noise. I see a teenage boy, about 18 or 19, get up out of his seat and walk towards the glass back door. I told Joe to get out and he tried but was unable to jump back out. The teenage boy looked out the glass back door by peeking through the blinds. He saw Joe and I pretended I was talking to someone on the street. The teenager opened the glass back door.

He walked out saying, "Get off our property." Joe jumped over and we saw the parents walk outside. The parents glared at us and were talking but I can't remember about what. The teenager went to his pot and lit up one. The smoke and smell surrounded everyone in the back yard. The mother asked, "What's that smell?" Next thing we saw was an older boy, about 20 or 21, coming out with a blue AK-47 rifle. I marveled in it's presence but was still in some hot crap with the other people. The young adult got to the fence and pointed the rifle right in my face. We discussed the make and model of the beautiful gun.

Then my annoying alarm clock woke me up.