It started off in a middle school called Cuellar. Based on the appearance of myself, I was the age I am now: 18, but not attending the school. My friend, Y and Z, and I are walking around drinking a kind of slush thing that I guess we had bought earlier. We walked around for a long time and we end up stopping to kiss.

Then I am all of a sudden at the college I attend walking with another friend of mine, a bug nickname. We walk around for a while and I realize that this girl likes me. So we walk and talk for a bit more going on all these zigzags around in front of the COAS (which stands for something but I cant remember) building. See I really like this girl but I told her that there was something that was stopping me from asking her out. Something that I couldn't quite figure out in the dream but I do think I know why in real life. Anyway so we walk around a bit more just messing around and laughing, something we always do. :)

Once again I am transported to Cuellar where my friend, Y and Z, starts running away from me! We are running around the school and I am so close to her, finally she runs into the sprinklers and I come after her and catch her. I go and sit down on some steps to rest because I'm tired and she starts to flail her arms around running. A lady that works at the school scolds her and tells her not to run. She tells the lady, "Whatever, I can run if I want, you can't tell me what to do." The lady says nothing back, though my friend stops anyways and sits down beside me. We look at each other and then we kiss. And in my head I was thinking of something that had to do with numbers but I cant remember it because my freaking cat woke me up!! I was so mad, I was about to strangle her!

I had another dream that I don't remember too much of but it involved me being a swat team member shooting other swat team members, like the game Rogue Spear for the PC. I ended up dying by a gunshot wound AND a grenade, two very painful things I can tell you now. :) Though, I do have no basis on how they feel.