I was in a kitchen with my mom and my sister. I looked in a mirror and saw my face, I looked
(I always do). I had tiny blackheads all over my face and I began to pop them. The first
one I popped had a black pus in it about 2 inches long. It hurt coming out. The second one I
popped was extending over 5 inches until I had to keep squeezing for it to come out.
"MOM HELP!!" I cried. She came to help and grabbed ahold of the now snake coming out of my face.
The snake, at first, was coming out like half an inch thin and now had become more than 3 inches
in width and about 12 inches in length. And it was still coming! I remember the pain of it all and
I can still see my face and my mom's face as we were getting that snake out of me. I was abruptly
awaken in my sleep and got up as though the dream hadn't happened. (I sometimes remember my dreams right
when I wake up). It wasn't until later when I looked at myself in the mirror did I remember.