I had many dreams but only two made me feel like punching the wall when I woke up.

I was in a room with my ex-girlfriend and a guy I knew/know from school named Fester. My ex-girlfirend, Ruby, and I were on the bed. See we were somehow back together and we were kissing and Fester was there and he was playing some video game but I knew he was watching. The dream involved her saying some words of love to me. note: I think I had this dream because of my earlier node. I noded before I went to sleep.

The other dream. I came home and I walked into my parent's bedroom. The bed was full of presents and my mother told me where mine were and I got them and headed to the dining room table to open them. I had gotten a lot of presents and was ready to open them all. I got a bunch of cool things, mainly they were cds and I love cds. note: i got but a few things for Christmas, approximately 3 things.

If I had things to smash when I woke up I would have smashed them, luckily my mom puts all the good stuff in the living room. Hehehe, well, I am so close to them and still a little pissed.......