It's a friend of mine's birthday and I have yet to get her present. I went to WalMart and found a cd she likes. I shudder at the name, Creed. Grrr. I waited in line while a lady in front of me paid for her items with a new 20 dollar bill. The cashier took her money and gave the lady back her change. I gave the cashier the cd and she opened for me, blah blah blah, I gave her my new 20 dollar bill. The lady puts it on the counter and swipes it with those black pens that check to see if they're counterfeit. "That bitch!" I thought. She gets my change and had the audacity (thank you clearpebbles for the word, hehehe) to smile at me and say, "Thank you."

I drove to HEB because my car was already on the red of the E, meaning empty. I decided to just fill her up. She took $15 worth and I leave.

I wanted to go to the new Jack In The Box that they built in town, maybe 2 weeks old. There is a super long line of people. "Ehh, just let the fad die down," I thought. (note: what is with the name Jack In The Box? If you single out the Jack and then say In The Box, it sounds like they want you to jack off in the box) I decided to go to McDonalds, same dilemma. Wendys is right next to it and there's no line and I have 20 minutes to work so it looks very good. I drive-through and get my food. I park outside CiCi's Pizza and eat with the music on full blast. I finished and started driving to work. I noticed that I was a bit early so I decided to drive around and I spotted a cemetary.

I drove into the cemetary and parked. I got off my car and walked around for about 10 minutes because I had work. At the cemetary I feel at peace and I have the thought of coming everyday or at least every work day and leave a flower a day on one burial spot until they all have one. I realize that this may just be me coping with my death and how I would want the same done to me, or maybe I'm just a nice guy.

"Work sucks, I know" Same old boring stuff.

After work I drove to my friends house and we went out with friends, her mother driving. We went to Kumoris, a sushi place, they had something called a California Roll, which has crab and seaweed and all this yucky stuff. Her mom has a squid salad and a spider roll. I had my fried rice with chicken, beef, and shrimp, all cooked thank God. We went to the mall, walked around, talked about society and their judgements, then we all went home. Her mother ran 3 red lights, one of which was right in front of a cop, I enjoyed it immensly.