Woke up sicker than shit again. I took some medicine that my doctor said "would heal me right up." I got ready for school, which utterly and totally sucks. Spanish for Non-native speakers, makes me feel like a white hispanic, a coconut of some sort: brown on the outside, white on the inside. I got my last test back, "77". "Damn you professor," I thought. He showed me my average, an 84, I decided not to take the final.

Talked to some friends in the library at school. A friend wants to take a picture of some of her friends, including me. Kathy tells me to get on her lap, I jump on it instead. We take the picture and Michelle wants one too. I got off Kathy and Michelle said, "You get yourself back on that girl right now!" I obliged and realized that I will more than likely never hear that again.

I stress over two more exams that day, I take my Music Appreciation test, a mere joke, though I probably failed. Redboot didn't have his notes, we were allowed to use them. I laughed at him, wickedly.

Astronomy test was harder than I imagined. "Fuck me," I said aloud. "Sorry, no." I heard from all around. I know I bombed the hell out of that test, who cares?

On my way home I saw a dog humping another dog while another dog watched. Strange breeds they must be. Got home to an empty house, like every other day. 7 hours of isolation is complete madness and paranoia hits me. I log on to my crappy ISP and write this node. Maybe something better will happen today.....more than likely not.