A day for killing!!

Starts off at night of the following day, that being the 18th. I got home from DEUM and went to my room. I opened the door and all I saw was a concrete floor with nothing else inside it! I was all "what the" and I asked my mom what was going on.

"We're putting tile in your room so we stripped the carpet."
Where am I supposed to sleep?" I asked.
"On the couch in the living room."


So I fell asleep pretty fast and woke up 12 hours later. My mom told me I had to strip the carpet from my closet so that meant I had to remove a bunch of crap (not literally) off the floor and do whatever. "I hate today." GRR!!

I got my first postcard today, thank you Girlface!! Send me your postcards!! Look at my homenode for more info.

Anyways, I did what I had to and a friend of mine that I had not seen for a long time came over. He's my lil' bro (once again not literally), we played guitar and put some things in his computer like FruityLoops and Getright. Ehh, he left at about 1:30 in the morning, nothing new, nothing old, a boring day.

A day for killing!!