Woke up and noded about a day log and a dream log. My cousin called me and asked me to come over, I had not seen him for a while so I say, "Okay." While there a friend named Dayton Paul called and Rolie, my cousin, wanted him to come over to play some LAN games. Dayton says, "Sure," and he came. We played guitar and talked for a while, nothing pertaining to playing LAN games. We decided to call up another friend named Sam.

We all decided to go to McAllen, TX to eat at a chinese food place called Panda. On the drive there we had to stop because Sam had to pick up some money at the back ATM machine. Dayton made an interesting comment, "You know how if you put water into the coke mahines that they will freak out and spew out money and free cokes right?" Rolie and I said, "No, we didn't know that." Dayton said, "Whatever, I wonder what would happen if you pissed into the ATM slot."

Sam finished and now in McAllen. At a bus stop is a young Mexican-American girl and Sam dared Dayton to ask her, "How much?" Dayton obliges, he is one for dares. Rolie slows down as we began to pass her and Dayton sticks his head out the window, "HOW MUCH?" We drove off laughing at how the girl looked back at us. We were having trouble finding the place, we drove around a bit more. Rolie now dared Dayton to do the same thing to an old Mexican-American worker. Dayton stuck out his head and yelled, "HOW MUCH?" The man gave us a weird mean look and we drove on. We could not find the place to eat so we ended up eating at The House Of China.

While there I am commented on my shirt by the waitress and how she is a "long-time fan of The Cure." I smile and we are seated in the smoking section, though neither of us smoke. The waitress flirts with Sam, he doesn't flirt back. We ate and got our fortune cookies. I'm not sure which person got which fortune but here are three of them, first off with mine.

"You will meet someone special at a social event."

"Your current year will bring you much happiness."

"Be tactful; overlook not your own opportunities."

I remembered that yesterday that I forgot to add to my Day Log that we dressed up a boy in a dress and put make-up on him. He didn't mind though, see he's a bit on the other side of the spectrum. We finished and left to Hastings, a store that has pretty much everything you could want, minus food. On the way there a teenage boy is walking near the main road so Rolie dared him to tell him that. Dayton did and we all had a laugh, cheap laughs? Maybe.....maybe not. We messed around and I got checked out by a goth girl who obviously liked my shirt. We left and went to Sam's, he has DSL.

We downloaded a bunch of different crap, he downloaded 95.9MB's in 15 minutes, BASTARD!! Me and my 56K modem that downloads at 3.1k if I'm lucky. We decided on a LAN party.

We all go to another friends house, Carlos to set up and play some Covert Ops and Half-Life. Some of Carlos' friends are there, I know 2 out of 3 of them. Carlos invented a new type of bong and they take hits out of it. I deny the opportunity (no thanks). We setted up our LAN and played from 2 in the morning to 8:30 in the morning. I have yet to sleep and that's why I have no Dream Log as of now.