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First appearing nationwide in McDonald's on [June 10, 2003], McGriddles are the newest "[permanent] menu item" on [McDonald's] [breakfast menu]. If the [buzzword]s they are using to market these sandwiches are any indication -- the word "[innovative]" is used to describe them on the website, and the word "[ingenious]" is used on the to-go bag -- McGriddles appear to be the newest, determined efforts by the troubled [franchise] to vigorously [revamp] their [product line] and bring a sense of "freshness" back to their product, in the eyes of the consumer.

This said, the McGriddles are fairly similar to their other breakfast biscuit or "[McMuffin]" sandwiches; they come in three varieties:
  • [Sausage] McGriddle
  • Sausage, [Egg] and Cheese McGriddle
  • Bacon, Egg and [Cheese] McGriddle
The difference between the McGriddles and McDonald's other line of breakfast sandwiches is the bread itself. Instead of using [english muffin]s or [buttermilk biscuits], they use patties that vaguely resemble [griddle cakes], or miniature [pancakes]. Claiming they have "the taste of [maple syrup] baked in", they are indeed somewhat sweet, but not sticky as one might expect... most likely because there is probably no real maple syrup added, of course. Perhaps the strangest thing of all about them, however, is the eerie, [embossed] McDonald's "M" that encompasses the top. I could be wrong about this, but I don't know that I've ever heard of fast food corporate logos placed on the meal itself...

[Gastronomical]ly speaking, the McGriddles, while nothing extraordinary, don't taste terrible, and are nothing I would mind eating on my perhaps [thrice] a year [breakfast] visitations to the local airport [franchisee]. Healthwise, however, I probably wouldn't want to eat them very often either, and nor should you, as they are total [cholesterol] bombs: The Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle contains 240 [milligram|mg], which is 80% of one's [USDA Recommend Daily Allowance|USRDA], according to the corporate website.

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