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Where to start? Right here, is usually a good place. Or South Africa. Johannesburg, in the suburbs to the South, in a quiet place, to English ex-pats who did absolutely everything they could to keep the spirit of Blighty burning at the arse-end of Africa.

From there to Grahamstown, a place renowned for existing only to serve as ecosystem for Rhodes University, and the site of the South African National Arts Festival. Three years later, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Drama, I graduated, taught myself to juggle while playing at running a studio and disco hire business with a madwoman, and then fucked off to England to make my way as a street performer, because I couldn't get laid in the real world.

Cities and countries followed : Llantwit Major, Higham Ferrers, Bedford, umpteen addresses in London, Corfu, Amsterdam, San Rafael, York, Aylesbury. Too many to mention. And in between all manner of work.

I'll finish at some point. It's long, and will be the subject of the most fascinating autobiography of a non-famous person ever written. For now, let's see where E2 takes me. Starting with a journal of sorts, and we'll see what happens when I resurrect Hi, everyone. C'est moi. Dis my.