Tina-Marie Stoker is the creator, founder, and designer of "Skin Art". Skin art is a form of body art such as tattoos, and henna but is done with beads and stones which are attached to the skin with a adhesive glue. She has patented her design and application process. The process is the application of jewels, rhinestones, beads, and various other stones directly onto the skin. The beads and stones will stay attached to the skin for upto two weeks if they are properly taken care of. The hypoallergenic, reusable, adhesive which was developed by Tina will allow the wearer to swim, sweat, shower, sleep, dance, and perform any other energetic activity without the jewels falling off.

  Tina-Marie's Skin Art has been featured in every media form, including television, films, concerts, and award shows. She has a record in "The Guinness World Book of Records" for adorning a body with over 30,000 Rhinestones. This just so happened to be the highlight of the Guinness television show and was witnessed by millions. The models who wore the jewels for Tina's multiple appearances on Guinness have commented that they felt very covered up for wearing nothing but jewels. Tina's designs have decorated the bodies of many famous celebrities. Tommy Lee, Traci Bingham, and Carlos Santana to name a few. Tina got a lot of publicity when she docorated the bodies of both the bride and groom at one wedding. It took approximately 13 hours to glue all the jewels onto the bride's body. Although, she recieved much publicity from the wedding her designs didn't start catching on until they were worn by Tommy Lee at a concert.

  Tina's designs can be purchased for as little as $15 dollars from her website. Her more intricate custom designs can have price tags in the thousands. Tina's company Teklo Designs Inc. were the first company to offer a self-adhesive body art product to the public.

Tina's website can be found at www.tinamariestoker.com
A picture of Traci Bingham can be found at www.tinamariestoker.com/fashionshow0801/runway/29.jpg

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