Today is a day that I never want to forget.

Today is the 1 year and 1 month anniversary of the day I asked my girlfriend (now my fiancee) out. It started off when i woke up this afternoon (when else would i wake up?)

She was already awake.

I assume she was working on some sort of schoolwork (probably for her theatre class). when she saw that i was awake, she layed down next to me and i held her in my arms. for a while and we talked about nothing (as per usual).

After deciding where to go for dinner (breakfast? lunch? what the hell are you talking about?). We layed in bed for another couple of hours.

We ended up eating at Joe's Crab Shack.

After dinner we went to Starbucks for coffee. The moment we walked out the door it felt as though we'd flashed back to high school. All of the problems we've faced since leaving for college just vanished. Everything felt perfect.

We returned to her dorm room to watch a movie.

When we got back to the dorm, we played near the front door like little kids wrestling.

We put in Enemy at the Gates and watched it all the way through.

After the movie ended, we put on a single candle to light the room. The way we talked to each other brought us back to the time that we first had sex. It felt exactly like that night a little over a year ago. We were both nervous and excited.

We talked as though we were reliving that magical night, our thoughts flowed out of our minds and into our words.

The sex was indescribable, so i will not even venture an attempt at it.

Afterwards, a powerful feeling of wellbeing washed over me. I know i must have had an enormous grin on my face (which probably look quite odd).

Then, a birthday announcement came in on her icq account... holy shit! i completely forgot that it would be my birthday in 2 days.

Right there in front of me, she typed out a birthday ecard on icq. Seeing what she wrote was a catalyst that set all the euphoric feelings free within me.

For no reason at all, i broke down into tears of joy.

I felt that this was important for some reason, so i rushed to her computer to create a way for me to remember this moment, and here is that means of remembrance.

Jackie: If you're reading this... i love you with alll my heart. thank you for being the only one for me.