Guns N' Roses's pseudo-independant record label, an imprint of Geffen Records, created initially for the purpose of releasing Live?!*@ Like A Suicide in 1986. Since then the label emblem, a smoking machine gun with the words 'Uzi Suicide' written over the top has appeared on all Guns N' Roses releases up to and including The Spaghetti Incident? in 1994.

With the release of the Use Your Illusion albums in 1991 the emblem also sported the words 'Record Co.' making the full emblem the smoking machine gun with the words 'Uzi Suicide Record Co.' written over the top.

This emblem did not appear on the last official Guns N' Roses release Live Era '87-'93, I assume this is because the label had been disolved with the breakup of the original line up.