Saturday - a day of revelation.

Maybe it's just the amount of alcohol from Friday that lead to self-analysis - who knows - who cares.

I was listening to 10,000 maniacs, "These Are Days", not a norm on my play list. Thought taking a trip down memory lane to highschool graduation might be inspirational. Not really, but I did think of this:

Have you ever noticed how so many memories exist from highschool - trivial memories really. How is it that those are the memories we cherish most? Is it the fear of growing old, or is it the fear of no longer making memories that are worth a durn?

I find myself, as I creep into older age, purposely trying to make worthy memories. Is this wrong? Doesn't it seem that as an adult that your actions are so much more worthy of memories - being that they are more real? Hell, maybe this is a memory right now . . . the again - maybe not.

I find myself doing crazy stuff just so I can talk about it later. Running down to a main road w/ no shirt on - accompanied by two other females. Getting a tattoo. Getting my heart broken. Living in the drama - just to have something to talk about the next day.

I never did this is in highschool. The memories just happened. Throwing teachers into a pool in the middle of December. Streaking through an apartment complex. The first time I got drunk. The first time I partook of festive foliage. The first kiss. The time I lost my virginity. Maybe that's it . . . all the firsts. What haven't I done that I can do NOW! Life shouldn't be dull as an adult.

After all - These Are Days - we'll remember.