In Team Fortress Classic, a first person shooter style, online, computer game, a sentry gun is an automated chaingun (and at it's highest level an extra chaingun and RPG). The SG can only be built by an engineer, a play of that class has three levels of construction to this weapon.

The first SG takes 5 seconds to make and cost 130 cells (or metal units) to do so. It can not be built in certain respawns, special areas between entities, or spaces that it could not physicaly fit into. This cannon can inflict 75 HP per second given the target is within range. If destroyed, it will deal 50 units of damage to players near it.

The second level is much like the first, but it can take 150 HP per second and 60 when destroyed. It cost an additional 130 cells, but needs a first level SG to make that addition to.

The third and highest level can do about 180 to 300 HP loss per second depending if it has rockets or shells. It also, on destruction causes 200 units of damage. This level is extremely hard to escape from. It's rockets and shells make running hard as they pound you.

All SGs make a mechanical / radar sound so you always know when to be on your toes, but if you hear a "woot woot" you are out of luck. Spies can not be detected while in disguise and can drop a few grenades to easily take them down. Demomen can destroy SGs around corners by using pipe bombs or charging with a MIRV grenade. At long distance snipes and soldiers can easily destroy SGs. Scouts can sometimes run by a SG without being killed due to their extreme speed, but only if they do it at a 90 degree angle of where the gun is aimed.