What is a theme day?
This is an average day of work or school made less average by giving it a theme or reason to celebrate. The theme tends to related to the clothing of the day, but modified speach patterns and actions are more than welcome (assuming it is welcome in your work place or school). You may remember in school simlar days were used during spirit week or perhaps even homecoming. In the workplace, days such as hawaiian shirt day (as seen in Office Space) now and then pop up, but more commonly a casual friday is observed (although I have never seen them I hear they exist somewhere).

Why do theme days exist?
Simply Morale, this change of pace is fun to see and brings color to a drab day. It allows person expression and a sense of identity beyond your choice of tie. Making a contest of such days adds more of a reason to participate on such days. At my school, there is also the reason of team spirit and school pride. During homecoming, wearing school colors and dressing up as the days come not only can help morale, but also shows support for your school. In simple terms, it's plain fun.

Who can participate in theme days?
Anyone can that is employed at a company, or attends a school that that endorses such days. If your school or company does not partake in such actions, or if you want to add your own theme days, review the handbook on rules and conduct. If there is a dress code, make sure your "costome" is within limits stated within. For strict companies and schools, you can still dress like mobsters with a zoot suit or maybe pull of Indiana Jones as a professor. If you plan on making your own theme day, spread the word (and the rules if any apply to your enviornment) about it. A subtile change in one person may not go noticed, but if everyone does you're bound to be noticed by atleast those who know. Dressing up can be fun for parties and more simple outings such as dinner with friends too. Try it, you'll like it!

How do I dress up?
Be creative, steal a uniform from your favorite eatery or just find an original/inspiring piece and fly with it. Thrift stores are nice for such items. You can dress up anything you can buy an outfit for. I personaly try to make a new outfit with a theme to it every day. Subtle changes, such as the right glasses with a leather jacket can change you from a biker to a fighter pilot. Or wearing a different hat could change you from a slave of the work place to spy or your favorite movie character. Have fun, but stay out of trouble. I mean, there is funny stupid, and bad stupid. Be smart.