So, I had the strangest chat with a random 'female' online. She swore we had sex at a party I wasn't even at. She tried to talk me into having HAD sex with her. That's right, past tense! Well, let's just take a look at the talk itself!

Bold: AIM user name (I'm CrAzE Pat)
Regular: What was said by user before statement
Italics: Commentary and thoughts by me
grin483: you are, really really neato
Ha! Like I didn't know that already!
Auto response from CrAzE PAT: Every time that I look at myself, I can't believe how awsome I am!
See! I know I'm cool!
grin483: i just thought, you should know
For some reason this made me think this was a random noder or Clair. I have no idea why
CrAzE PAT: what?
I just got back to the computer, little bit off set by someone thinking I'm cool.
grin483: hey there puddin!
So it's a girl, or atleast I hope it is.
CrAzE PAT: pudin?
CrAzE PAT: er... puddin even
I spell good. I didn't spell check this W/U cause it's a direct quote from a chat.
CrAzE PAT: right then, might I inquire to who this may be?
grin483: oh this is molly!
Dionne introduced me to a Molly online. I guess it's her. I guess she's here to mock me (because Dionne hates me now).
CrAzE PAT: /me thinks
CrAzE PAT: Oh, hi Molly
Still clueless but being nice.
CrAzE PAT: Do I know this "mo-lee"?
Explains itself soon enough.
grin483: mo lee?
CrAzE PAT: Yes, that would be me saying "molly" by sylable
grin483: i see
grin483: that's fun!
And that's creepy and fake sounding!
CrAzE PAT: right... but the question was something to the effect of "do I know who you are"
Just answer the damn question! I'm starting to think this is some sort of ploy.
CrAzE PAT: I'm actually drawing a blank
grin483: yeah! you dont remember me?
No shit! What gave you that idea? Stop beating around the question!
CrAzE PAT: Can't think of it
grin483: oh :-(
Awww... aren't smiley faces lame in text?
CrAzE PAT: perhaps you could remind me in vivid detail
CrAzE PAT: seeing that I have a very large inability to remember much of anything
Just fucking tell me!
grin483: drunk
CrAzE PAT: drunk?
I'm not a bad drunk. I've never been hung over. I always remember where I was and what I did. I suspect this might be Briglass making fun of me.
grin483: yeha
grin483: i guess uw ere drunk at the time
CrAzE PAT: very unlikely
I know this isn't real now, but I wanna know who it is still.
CrAzE PAT: I can vividly remember everytime I've been in such a state
CrAzE PAT: perhaps you would like to enlighten me with where this was?
5 minute gap
CrAzE PAT: um...
2 minute gap
CrAzE PAT: wow, thanks
2 minute gap. I assume they're thinking of a lie.
grin483: oh sorry!
grin483: im typing a paper
Okay, I guess that is possible. That doesn't make you a real person.
CrAzE PAT: okay
CrAzE PAT: I'd wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I'm still curious as how I know you... or better yet how you know me and I have no clue who you are
CrAzE speak good!
CrAzE PAT: perhaps this is a ruse of sorts
I just watched Clerks, and I think this person's dicking with me!
CrAzE PAT: So, do share, where did we meet?
grin483: at the party a couple weeks ago
CrAzE PAT: hm... who's place?
Just fucking tell me you inconsiderate fuck
grin483: im not really sure, im not really friends with maybe steve lebac?
Steve is a fat, lame, loser boy who could never thow a party. That, and he doesn't drink, or smoke.
CrAzE PAT: humorous
CrAzE PAT: honestly
Liar. LIAR!
grin483: ok? you are kind of odd
And you are a liar fishing for something or dicking with me to be an ass.
CrAzE PAT: Steve would never have a party
The debunking.
CrAzE PAT: what school do you go to?
grin483: marquette
Okay, they know me. They know things about my area. I suspect Dionne a lot nad perhaps Briglass.
CrAzE PAT: grade?
grin483: 11
I think it is Dionne a little more. She thinks I "abuse younger girls sexually" because she found out I ate out a girl at a party once. She actually liked it, a lot... and told me so. I was not pleased in a sexual manner by this girl.
CrAzE PAT: do you have a picture? I am better with faces
Let's see if you can pull off finding a fake picture real fast.
CrAzE PAT: perhaps you knew what they were drinking at the party?
CrAzE PAT: or remotely what area it was in?
grin483: i dont have a pic, sorry
Test failed
grin483: around clayton it was?
Uncertain are we? In St. Louis, Missouri, Clayton is a rather big road.
CrAzE PAT: clayton
CrAzE PAT: no
CrAzE PAT: no not really
I haven't been to any parties off clayton.
grin483: ok
CrAzE PAT: this is odd, you are telling me of a place I have not been. Claim to be a person I do not know. Seemingly only remember one thing from the party I was at, and that is my screen name.
Letting 'her' know I smell bs.
grin483: like i said, i wasnt driving
When did you say that?
CrAzE PAT: Perhaps you can remember how you got the name?
I don't give out my screen name to people, I give phone numbers. Above that, I try to get their number instead.
grin483: you gave it to me, ass
Oh yeah! Wait... no I didn't!
CrAzE PAT: hm... thinking thinking
CrAzE PAT: Hm...
CrAzE PAT: I honestly can't remember
grin483: well, thanks a lot, you are such a jerk
CrAzE PAT: becasue I can't remember?
grin483: because we did some stuff, and you give me your screen name and you dont even remember
Stuff! How juicey! And isn't it romantic of me to give her my screen name so we can hook up again?
CrAzE PAT: Oh fuck you
CrAzE PAT: that is a blatent fabrication
That is an obvious lie... bitch whore.
CrAzE PAT: who is this?
Guess who?
grin483: fine, whatever you dont care
grin483: go screw over some other girl
I thought you didn't care.
grin483 signed off at 10:42:15 PM.
I now hate Dionne. I know she hated me, but this is just crap. Middle School type bull shit.
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