Hi, my name is "Pat" and I feel that the world is against me.

I also feel that only 10% of life is circumstance, and that the other 90% is how you react to it. In my own opinion, attitude is everything. Today was a prime example of this exact idea.

I always go to sleep late, it's an insomnia thing, you wouldn't understand. Because of this, I always wake up late. School starts, 20 minutes after I wake up. I dislike school to a very high degree. On my way out my door, it hits me: I forgot my math homework. Not the good forgot when I have to turn around and grab it, but the kind where you just didn't do it... at all. Keeping a good attitude, and trying not to destroy a small European nation in my rage, I decide I will do it before class in the ten minutes I always have.

To say the least, this did not work. My 1990 Jeep Cherokee is a well oiled and pampered machine. I love the thing (despite my better judgement), but it doesn't seem to love me in the same way. In fact, she tried killing herself as i was turning into my school. So there I am, in the middle of oncoming traffic with a mortally wounded vehicle. My sister freaks out. While I on the other hand bail out of the car and start pushing the car with one hand on the wheel and the other on the door frame inching it forward before anything large and car-like decides to touch me or my car at a high rate of speed. I'm calm, cool, collected, and completely in everyone's way.

So, there I am with my sister freaking out in the passenger seat and me trying to push a couple ton car up the incline that is the only entrence to the west parking lot. My sister, in her compasion and understanding at this point decides to get out as well... and go into the school while I'm pissing people off against my will or wishes. So finally, my friend Vince, who has a weak leg due to cancer, decides to give me a hand. This was of very little help to my cause. I'm going nowhere and fast.

So, about half way up this inclined parking row, what has no spaces left open to easilly place my car into, a kind teen in a lifted Bronco with extended axels and a rather nice set of bogging tires offers me a push. I'm feeling a little better, but I guess my homework is fucked now. I decide to sit behind my Jeep and work out most the assignment for five minutes with the possitive outlook, the worst being late could do is give me a detention.

So, I finally march into school, late as fuck and unable to purchuse my breakfast from the food lines. I get to class, and the teacher takes a look at my work reall fast and gives me full credit and no hassle over being late. First hour went fast due to my peachy-keen outlook on life. It's either that or i was late for it and simply wasn't there for half of it. I happily stroll along to my next hour's class.

Upon entering my second hour, I am instructed to turn in my essay on community networks. You know that one I had no clue was due today. What do I care about the effects of community networks on democracy in developing nations? Bah. I'm going to fail that class anyway, or atleast now I am. So what do I do to keep with my "attitude is everything" creed? I decide I should go to my senior prom this year, and I know just the girl to ask.

So, I'm talking to my friend Brad about this exact topin during my next passing period, and he likes the idea. In fact, he liked the idea so much that he asked her to prom just the hour before that on account that she would be an easy, friendly date for him to take. So now I'm pissed. Not because of my car. Not because of my homework. Not because of inconsiderate people. Not because of prom. But because I didn't have my damned chocolate milk that morning.

So after starving my way through third and fourth hour, I finally get a hot meal. It was Chicken Strip day in the lunch line, and I couldn't really complain. Most people bitch about the food, but it's not really all that bad. On top of that it's rather cheap and comes with a all my required vitamins and minerals for the day. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. My tummy's content, but now I've got this splitting head ache from the chronic gossips I sit with for lunch. I honestly don't care what you think Jill did to your locker last Tueday.

I meet my close friend Allsion between hours to talk a little and just recharge my batteries, but instead I had to run into my sister who left me for my car who seemed very keen on the idea of dying itself. My urge to kill began to rise swiftly, so I do exactly what any senior would do at that time... I go to fifth hour. In fifth hour, I was able to develop my film. I must say I am a rather good shot, and that consruction sites are great places to capture the elements of good composition. While in the darkroom, me and two other students smoke a bowl... of weed. Now, I'm calm, cool collected, and almost out of here.

After fifth and sixth hour I head out to my car and remember that my car is fucked and seems to have something against me. It's time to punish the vehicle that has sinned against me. I go back into school, and head to the theater. The drama club is practicing their one act plays and I just walk past them unnoticed. One might be confused about why I am going back stage when it is my car I should be tending to. The answer to your curiosity is that I'm stealing tools for the stage crew's secret cache. Bite me, where else am I going to get a 9/16 wrench, a screwdriver, and some plyers?

I end up replacing all six of my sparkplugs and my distributor cap in the parking lot and head home with a near-smooth ride. Pooped, pissed, and over all in a keen attitude from over-coming most the problems of the day I take a nap and forget about all the important things I need to do for tomorrow thus ensuring another day's worth of hardships.

Thank you dear noder for keeping up with me. Now fuck off.