You have a point. I don't know all that much about religions, and certainly not about a wide variety. I've heard a lot of praise for Buddhism lately, so I'm going to look into it a bit.

However, I have been exposed to Christianity, and to Christians. I know not all Christians are bad people - far from it. But I also don't see that many Christians are better people for having converted(those that have converted). I don't see that many are worse people, either.

What I see is that good people do the good things they would have done anyway in the name of their God. And the bad people do the bad things they would have done anyway, also in the name of their God.

My problem is that people are so tolerant of it. Self-proclaimed "Christians" espouse the worse kind of hatred, intolerance, and idiocy, and the rest of the country shrugs. That's bullshit. Believe whatever you want, but when you want to argue that homosexuals shouldn't have rights, that abortions should be illegal, or that we should censor things they find offensive, they must back it up with something more than their paper-thin beliefs.

Christians, who would throw a shit-fit if Muslims tried to outlaw alcoholic beverages because of their religious beliefs, think it is their God given right to shove their disgustingly thick Bible, and all the sticky notes of hatred they added to it, down my throat. No fucking thank you, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, et al.