Day 12 before departure to Deutschland. Remember what I wrote two days ago? Well, the day after the incident I related (but before I wrote about it here), I called my current girlfriend and attempted to relate the galvanizing and awe-inspiring tale to her, especially since it involved her. But the words were way too unformed in my head, and it came out sounding like a pathetic rant about still loving my first love garnished with vague assertions. My current girlfriend is smart enough to know that I wouldn't call her and jauntily drop such a bomb disguised as good news, so she assumed rightly that I would clarify when my brain cells grow back and that everything is OK.

Nonetheless, hearing (or being perceived to be saying) such unclear ravings can unsettle a person, especially when the two players are 6,000 miles apart. The phonecall also got interrupted prematurely by her dead-batteried cordless phone, and since she was in the process of putting her son to bed and he was fast asleep on her stomach, she didn't call back and I knew she wouldn't. Instead I (and seemingly she) stayed just a bit unsettled. She called me the next day but as fate would have it I had very little time, as yet another ex-girlfriend was on her way over to help me sell off some of my books since I have no car. Since my ex-girlfriend has been somewhat cranky lately (even crankier than me), I didn't want to keep her waiting, so I had to cut things short with my current girlfriend, which meant I couldn't launch into a new! improved! now more eloquent! version of the incident, not that it was THAT big of a deal, but unfinished things annoy me.

But today I called her and we got to talk for two luxurious hours, something I eagerly await when I'm actually there. Somewhere in there I related my experience, the long and the short of which was that I felt myself breaking through into a new phase of my life and that phase had her in it, and I was mightily pleased about that. She was equally pleased. And by the end of the call, I was happier than I've been in weeks.

*fires off flare gun*