I was in an apartment which reminds me of how I imagined the main character's initial apartment in Tibor Fischer's The Thought Gang. It was large and was a place for communal living. I was there with Angelina Jolie, an actress that lots of people I know find quite attractive but to me is just a set of tits and lips. Nonetheless, in this dream she was eerily attractive on many levels, not just physical, and for some reason she was momentarily intrigued by me. I realized that in order to keep her attention I would have to act fast and decisively, so I began giving her oral sex. This was quite enjoyable for both parties until a dry knobbly protuberance emerged from her crotch.
Despite this turn of events she was delighted and immediately pronounced me a member of her coterie. The entire reason I am recording this dream is the intense feeling of satisfaction I received when my oral sex skills managed to get me in Angelina Jolie's in-crowd, something which in the waking world doesn't seem so great, but in the dream clearly symbolized something else. I woke up with a continuing feeling of satisfaction that was not sexual. Hmm.