Last night's thunderstorm pounded our house for two hours, lasting until midnight, and prevented me from sleeping restfully. The storm was severe, with thunder intense enough to rattle the windows and vibrate my chest. The lightning occurred in such quick succession that with my eyes closed I could easily believe I was in a room with a strobe light. The wind never rose to a dangerous level, but hail pelted the roof and walls like a machine gun. Our early summer storms with this intensity rarely last so long at such force, which made this one a bit uncommon, and this morning (sadly, only five hours after I went to sleep from the first one) a second storm has blown in with more rain, thunder, and lightning. My head throbs, and for someone who rarely gets headaches, I find it deeply unpleasant. Amazingly, our three-year-old daughter slept through the whole thing.

Several weeks have passed since I last wrote, but I wanted to sneak in a few moments and at least post a daylog. At work I have received one of those worst kind of promotions, the kind where you're given a lot of responsibility for doing a good job but no more benefits or pay, and I find myself in what I think is probably an untenable position long-term. This, combined with other factors, has (you guessed it, if you're familiar with my situation) brought renewed pain in my arms and shoulders. If I make my first two fingers rigid, and then drag them down any of the exterior muscles of my neck, and most of the exterior muscles in my forearms, it feels as if I'm pulling them over a series of speedbumps. Knotty muscles.

The stress at work, despite being very, well, stressful, is still a first world problem. Outside of that, life continues to be amazing. My daughter brings me joy every day. In the evenings we look for bugs, and now that I have repaired my inner tube from winter, we ride the bicycle/carriage around the neighborhood. She helps me water our plants. We swing and slide on her little playground, and watch Batman cartoons and read Richard Scarry books before bed.

Since I last wrote I have had another birthday, and now find myself solidly in the mid-30s. It is a good place to be. I don't hunger for food or intimacy as I did as a younger man. My greatest problem outside of work and my arms (and it clearly is not a problem) is that I am actually able to pursue many of my interests or hobbies that I could not attempt 10 or 15 years ago. It keeps me busy.

This past weekend the Huntsville stamp show took place and I managed to stop by for a few hours. That is a world I hope to write more about here (I once had a large writeup on stamp collecting) but for now I will mention that I picked up several random postcards and envelopes. It has been so long since I sent out notes I believe some of you all have changed addresses (jessicaj, androjen, et al.) so if you have moved in the last six months and would like a postcard, please e-mail me your new address. Anyone who has not received postcards from me before, if you would message me your address I'll be happy to send you one as well.

I've already used the quiet time of the morning before everyone arrives to dictate this out (in surprising speed!) so it is time to say goodbye, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting more sleep than I did last night.

-- corvus