For those of you who missed it, this past week at Everything2 sucked balls in a big kind of way. It is hard for me to imagine anyone who has spent any amount of time here who would not have interacted with dannye or Jet-Poop. For some perspective, these two users combined account for 2,272 writeups, 16,303 C!s, and 220,191 experience points at the time of writing this. That's right,

2,272 writeups,

16,303 C!s,


220,191 experience points

Now, in my very limited experience with both of these guys, it would be hard for me to pick two users who seemed less alike. I say this because I'm not sure of what the appropriate response to their announcements should be. But one thing I know they have in common, and it is the same thing that we all share together. They come here to share their writings, their thoughts, their words. So this is what I'm asking:

Go read their stuff.

Do it right now.

And there's a lot of stuff to read.

But find something you can respond to and message them about it. Because ultimately that is why we are all here.