I have just read Jennifer's message to Christine. It came to my attention while checking my phone waiting to continue this week's mandatory class for work. Reading it, and later Alex's Editor Log for March, I'm reminded of the value and power of this place. My deepest sympathy goes out to Christine and those close to her. One of the most haunting experiences of my own life occurred in a similar time. But what can be said now? What can provide comfort or solace to those involved? I do not have an answer and I feel guilty for this lack. I would like to give a hug, or smile, but all I can manage are these scribblings on the legal pad.

Reading Jennifer's note, I again regret never attending a nodermeet. It would mean so much more for me to send a note to the grundoons if we had broke bread together, or watched the sun come up together, or shared a song. And I fear have also let down other e2 users who I have become closer to during my own time here, those who have filled my inbox with messages concerning my own situation, by my absence. I am sorry.

Christine is what we will become. Her fears will be our fears, and the concerns of her family will be the concerns of our own. If nothing else, benefit from this moment by reflecting on your own life. Christine has Kevin, and her daughter, and friends, all in shared sympathy and support. What will you have? In the finite instant of life, are you satisfied with this moment? Because if you can read this, you still have time to seek whatever you may feel is missing.