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mission drive within everything
To learn everything, not already in everything, and node it.
Food, music, and alchohol(hey its a step up from sex, drugs and rock & roll, though admitedly I might know a bit about those too)
Life is way too important to take seriously.
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I am currently a Super Senior at WPI in Worcester, MA, I currently work at Genuity in Cambridge, MA,
and I am living in Chelmsford, MA. So chances are I am usually working, attempting to finish up my degree,
doing one of the 3 legs of my 100+ mile commute from hell, or trying to get back into shape from sitting in front
of a computer for the past 4 years. But, when I am not doing one of those things, or singing, I am either
going to be noding or doing something ridiculous that I will end up noding about.