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A search for the divine truth. The enlightenment of my self and any who follow me.
Eat, sleep, and hunt.. The neanderthal in the big city.
... where by his fire The hermit sits alone... -William Wordsworth
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April 23, 2002
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Life is so grand. I was born in the wonderful state of Colorado and not of my own choice, reside in the armpit of Texas. Writing's never really been my thing but I thought this'd be somesort of a start. Hm. My history. Me. There's not much of that, incidentally. Well, perhaps there is, but I've never been too happy about existance in general. And it still irks me too. But I try to hold a firm philosophy. Leaning heavily on a liberal and Darwinist philosophy, I see the world as a rather somber shade of grey. Being an individual's also a pressing thing on me. Instead of turning to the 'socialite' crowd, i've tried to live my life the way i want to, ignoring peer pressure as much as that grey mass will allow. Of course, i've fallen farther into that pit, but i still see the light and the path i've taken. Not like the other thin faint meaningless stretches of life that whiz by on sleds, starting and ending in the darkness. Barely noted. But then, my relentless plodding, leaving firm prints in the sand only to be run over someday by another blind fool. Bah. Ill follow that wonderful Soliliquy(sp?) with a brainless statement. I am master Ninja!