Gah.. Perhaps a good day perhaps not. Of course, it's not over yet, but the portion of any significant importance to the outsiders of my life. That's over.

Well. I woke quite the contrary to a bushy tailed bright-eyed squirrel. Well. Maybe bushy headed. I've acquired a nice growth of sleek black hair. I like my hair. I usually get it cut twice a year, but no. This time, I’m 18. I wont cut my hair. Why should I cut my hair? Why I ask. Well. Rhetorical questions.. .. Nah. Cutting hair is a waste of my time. Maybe like Wang lung, i could sell my hair, but I think I’m not living in china on it's advent of an industrial revolution. Life is Grand. Well, Anyway. I woke up all groggy and brain-dead, flatlined, shuffled off to the dark kitchen, only to find out that indeed, there was no milk, no cereal, But w00t. YEAH! There was ONE, mark that, ONE, package of pop-tarts left in the box. No single human could understand the enlightenment I attained from that. I hurriedly ripped open the bag. Well. Actually, following a zombie's view of the world. I just opened the bag.. it ripped, like they always do, But also following a zombie's thought pattern, i failed to open the package over a plate. Unless a trashcan is a plate. Needless to say, they both fell into a foul pit of death and destruction, wait, a glowing happy pit sugar spice and everything nice. My poor breakfast. I rounded off that nice morning as happily as a wraith of hell might do so. With a Glass of milk.

Following that morning, i arrived at school by way of my father's carriage. I arrived 5 minutes late. Fortunately my first period teacher was still in the process of checking off the attendance, and i got off free. The classes went my slowly. I just sat there, in those classes, trying to find a way to pass time effectively, to have 'fun'. Well, I suppose what i did was fun, but it's also a bit, how should I say this, confounding. I thought of my lovely girlfriend. Of her deep eyes, and mischievous smile. I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling When such an action is followed through fully. Ahh. The comfort. The day passed. Things I’m just too lazy to type. My fingers are tired. Well, the day passes, and now I’m in the school library. I’m a senior this year.. I was last year too. Unfortunately, the fat slovenly counselors that wield the powers of schedule regulation put me in a class that they left me out of my previous year. Health. Oh how O loathe that class. It is the perfect class to ignore. I've yet to crack open the book at home, or to even study, and I still hold an A. .. Thinking. Now i remember. Since that health class is a junior class, and today is the college day for the juniors, i decided that I'd just skip.. I’m a nice child at heart, a follower, a quiet individual. People see me that way at least. They don’t understand the rife in my heart, the pain. But alas. I still ask people for help, I still act courteous because it is probably the most intelligent way to progress in this miserable society. So i asked my teacher for a pass to the library. I got one. And now. Here I am, typing my life away, shriveling down at the mercy of the glowing box that I’m situated in front of. The day following this no doubt will be miserable. The only thing ill ever look forward to in life it seems, is entertaining my notions of self-enlightenment, or showing homage to the one I love so much.