As much fun as multiplayer is on goldeneye, sometimes you need something different. Some of you may already have done these, but just in case there are those at there who haven't. And just to say it, when me and my friends play we always use "paintball mode" and "no radar" when playing.

New fun #1
Type: License to Kill
Weapon: Throwing Knives
Level: Temple
It's hard enough to get a kill with the throwing knives, especially when you're circle strafing someone. When me and the guys play, we usually end up circling eachother in the, I guess you would call the "main room" of the Temple level. The big room with the hole in the floor.

Playing Tag
Type: Normal
Weapon: Golden Gun
Level: Whatever you want, we use Complex
Whoever is "it" uses the Golden Gun to "tag", if you will, another player. No need to call the "no tag-backs" rule, because it will take the player long enough to respawn and get the Golden Gun. Gamplay ususally decays to normal deathmatch game. Fun for a while though.

Interesting things in Goldeneye

I can't remember exactly where, but we had the level on Facility and the weapon was Laser. In the bathroom, using the laser, if you shoot the wall to the left of the door, the shot will go through the wall and come out in the room with the large gray cylinders. Don't know how it happens, but it does. My friend even managed to get a kill using the trick/bug.

Make Someone Angry

Trick I like to pull when weapon is Grenade Launcher and the level is set to Bunker (been a while since I played, whichever level has the jail cell). Get a launcher and wait until someone has to get up to do something (anything) for a little bit. Bring their character to the helipad (outside). Get your character right beside them, and have the launcher out. Look straight up, and let fly. Back away, wait about 3 seconds, then re-pause the game. Or just pause it if it wasn't paused. When whoever it was comes back, in a second or two the grenade will come crashing on their head. Was only moderatly funny first time I did it, works best if both people where already outside.