Today is another day.

I've spent the past two days inundated by the media, keeping track of which datum appeared on which network, while also monitoring a large network of servers.

I've lost one. That's one, at one degree of separation. At two degrees of separation, I know of 4 already. The one who was on floor 102 of one of the towers, knew he wouldn't get out, and called his wife to spend his last minutes alive on the phone with her - while she could watch the tower on TV - was heartrending. I can only imagine her loss as the phone went dead as the tower collapsed.

There are still a half-dozen former co-workers who haven't checked into the mailing list we maintain; we are praying for them.

I'd guess most of us have at least one person at two degrees of separation. Possibly more. That's why the whole country is howling for blood, I suppose. I am too, but I would have been even if I didn't know anyone. I could ask why, but I know why. Why is because people are weak.

When I started this, I didn't want to talk about what I've been feeling the last two days. I wanted to talk about anything else, but lately, everything comes back to this. I could talk about my upcoming trip to California (oh, wait, when will I fly? I was supposed to be on the plane today), or something else, but everything has been derailed.

Good luck to those still hanging on under the rubble. Good luck to those who haven't found their loved ones.

/me misses Danny