Born in 1943 in Denver, Colorado, L. E. Modesitt, Jr. has, like many authors, skated through many professions, including Navy pilot, Director of Legislation and Congressional Relations for the EPA, and a college lecturer. A graduate of Williams College, his first published story appeared in 1973, while a resident of Washington, D.C.. He moved to Cedar City, UT via New Hampshire, picked up a wife (a lyric soprano) and eight children.

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His principal characters tend to be ultra-powerful heros in a sci fi or fantasy universe operating by rules that they don't quite understand. His novels tend to preach various alternative socio-philosophies, with an emphasis on the idea that every action has a cost. His sensory focus is frequently on sound and many a battle sequence will be punctuated by some sound effect.
These sound cues help paint a broader picture of the chaos and subtlety in his worlds. His visual cues for people are almost entirely oriented on hair color and eye color, often to the exclusion of all else.


The Saga of Recluse
The story of a world in which the predominant opposing forces are Order and Chaos, held in Balance. Mages of order and chaos are descended from marooned space travelers. Currently 11 books:
The Magic of Recluse
Introduction to Recluse.
The Towers of the Sunset
Early Prehistory; the founding of Recluse
The Magic Engineer
The Order War
The Death of Chaos
Fall of Angels
Earliest Prehistory, detailing the coming of the "angels"
The Chaos Balance
The White Order
View from the side of Chaos. Overlaps with The Magic Engineer
Colors of Chaos
View from the side of Chaos. Overlaps with The Order War.
Magi'i of Cyador
Scion of Cyador
The Spellsong Cycle
Follows a soprano who is transported from earth to an alternate world where magic is created from music. Two forms of magic exist - Darksong, which can affect organic matter (and is often used to cloud men's minds; and Clearsong, which can effect changes in inorganics.
The Soprano Sorceress
The Spellsong War
Darksong Rising
The Shadow Sorceress
The Ecolitan Matter
A far future world, in which the Ecolitan Institute maintains peace and balance by pre-emptive retributive strikes.
The Ecologic Envoy
The Ecolitan Operation
The Ecologic Secession
The Ecolitan Enigma
Empire and Ecolitan
The Forever Hero
A post-apocalyptic view of Earth (in a galactic Federation), and how one man's immortality allows him to plan for the future of his people.
Dawn for a Distant Earth
The Silent Warrior
In Endless Twilight
Timegod's World
An application of Norse mythology to a world whose people can teleport in time and space.
The Fires of Paratime
Timediver's Dawn
The Timegod
A series studying the alternate history of a world in which ghosts are real, and the effect on war and technology.
Of Tangible Ghosts
The Ghost of the Revelator
Ghost of the White Nights
The Green Progression
The Parafaith War
The Hammer of Darkness
Gravity Dreams
The Octagonal Raven